November 23, 2012

2013 IELTS Test Dates - IDP Philippines
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Am I organized?
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2014 IELTS Test Dates now posted. Read here.

The IDP Philippines has posted the 2013 IELTS Test dates on its Facebook Page.

A copy of the said schedule is posted here for reference. Regularly check and verify the schedules at the IDP Philippines website for any changes.


October to December 2013

August to October 2013

2013 IELTS Test Dates - IDPPhils - Aug-Oct

June to September 2013

2013 IELTS Test Dates - IDPPhils - Jun-Sep

2013 IELTS Test Dates - IDPPhils - Mar-Jun by HighPoint IELTS Preparation Services, Inc.

2013 IELTS Test Dates - IDPPhils - Jan-Apr

2013 IELTS Test Dates:

- British Council


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